Digital Obeya Masterclass

Digital Obeya Design Masterclass

Learn how to use Digital Obeya methodology for digital workspaces

Obeya Certificate

Start dates: 16 December | 7 January | 20 January

Timeslot: 13:00 – 17:00 CET


Only limited discounted seats left: €449,-  €349,-  

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What will you learn?

1. Obeya theory – What makes a good Obeya

Drafted by the Obeya Association (, the 11 principles guide Obeya development and allows focus on what the Obeya delivers in terms of results.

2. Tooling training  – Tips & Tricks on tools

The training will take place in Miro, but will also cover similar tooling such as MURAL or MS Whiteboard. After the training you’ll have learned how to build visually attractive Obeya’s on all three tools.

3. Obeya design – Using our modular elements

We will practice Obeya design using AgileWalls modular elements. The technique behind the modular elements makes the elements easily click into place, making designing an Obeya fast and easy. Obviously we’ll equip you with a basic elements set of your own – FREE of charge.

4. Group learning – What design choices are made and why?

Being a professional yourself, you already have vital information and experience. It would be a waste not to learn from each other by investigating the design choices that were made, why and what for

Training Details
Design your own Digital Obeya

Stunning Design

Our easy 'click on' modular elements make designing or changing designs very fast and easy.

Easy, fast & fun

Easier to use than the provided drawing options & templates (the elements ‘click’ into place)

Works on any digital canvas

AgileWalls adapts to the canvas of your choice: Miro, MURAL or Microsoft Whiteboard

Proven Designs and Structures

AgileWalls offers tried and tested designs, structures and templates.

About AgileWalls

We transform Walls into collaboration tools.

AgileWalls Obeya’s typically have a strong connection between digital and physical collaboration spaces. 

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At AgileWalls we help you design your own Obeya Walls. Both for digital and physical use.

Our Wall setups are modular, so the design process is fast and effective.

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