Digital Obeya

Digital Obeya

Recently, the Obeya methodology is often used to structure work within Digital environments.

AgileWalls uses tried and tested designs and structures. All templates are ready to use and aided by our experience, you are up to speed in just a couple of iterations. 

Using infinity canvases like Miro, Mural or Microsoft Whiteboard get you going remarkably fast. Remote work is very effective this way.

Check out the live Mural example here!

We are experienced in remote setups and are happy to get you going! Contact us for details or a demo, and get some of our Obeya Wall Designs for free.

AgileWalls - Digital Obeya Example by Bart Bongers

You will be able to edit this mural.

Boost your existing Agile & Lean coaching
We often get the question: We already have Lean/Agile coaching in place – how does this work?
Well…that’s great! That’s what we’re hoping for.
Our set-up is specifically designed as an addition to your current lean/agile coaching and development – not a replacement.
Organizational -and team development is very important and we are proud to have worked next to a great number of lean/agile professionals. 
We focus specifically on speeding up and boosting your Obeya development. Use our Obeya specialised expertise to get you going in a way you couldn’t have done yourself. 
Like a race-driver that hires a mechanic to boost the engine, or a football manager would hire a professional goalkeeper trainer for specific goalkeeping results.
This way all professionals can focus on their own expertise. Leading to better results, achieved much faster.

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At AgileWalls we help you design your own Obeya Walls. Both for digital and physical use.

Our Wall setups are modular, so the design process is fast and effective.

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